Any support for using advanced subtitle selection of the libavcodec?
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Автор Тема: Any support for using advanced subtitle selection of the libavcodec?  (Прочитано 1693 раз)
 jaejunksАвтор темы

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« : 06 Январь 2017, 04:03:09 »

As explained in below LAV Splitter documentation.

For example, when there are multiple English subtitles in a video file: one is normal (and is marked as the default subtitle in the video file), and the other is for hearing impaired; I want to set the preferred subtitle to English which is for the hearing impaired, not the default one.

If there's no support for this yet, will this be supported in the future version?
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Vortex Team

« Ответ #1 : 06 Январь 2017, 05:07:30 »

To jaejunks:
Well, LA has some internal features for subtitle stream selection, depends on enabled options.
For example, you can take a look to Preferences->OSD->Subtitles, and there you can see option named like "subtitle language by default" (sadly, but its broken in 4.9.0, will be fixed in 4.9.1, but working in
Also, you can enable two subtitles in the same time (just right-mouse-click on "Subtitles" button at Control Panel).

Let me know if you satisfied with answer. And if you not, then we will figure out something for you. Улыбающийся

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