Tearing issue
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Автор Тема: Tearing issue  (Прочитано 1406 раз)
 albaniАвтор темы

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« : 19 Ноябрь 2013, 16:48:02 »


I'v a scenes that contain MP4-AVC format and screen-tear happened!

>but this issue only on my one scene,other MP4-AVC files play correctly!

so than I'v converted this scene to AVI-XVid format and play ok+

>therefore I'v already check my other MP4-AVC files but I didn't find any tearing issue

My Desktop P4/3.0+AsusMB 945+2Gb RAM+ATI x2600xt GCard>>OS is XP-Pro

after long time use off PotPlayer than I'v transfered to LightAlloy and I like it at present Целующий


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« Ответ #1 : 19 Ноябрь 2013, 16:51:04 »

Can you upload sample ?

Lead Developer

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Vortex Team

« Ответ #2 : 19 Ноябрь 2013, 21:21:20 »

To albani:
Try to switch to EVR Sync in Preferences->Video, may be it will help you.
And yes, upload file sample.

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 albaniАвтор темы

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« Ответ #3 : 19 Ноябрь 2013, 21:29:15 »

thx mates

>>sorry but I'v deleted the scene where issue had,next time I'll consider this "sample" text
therefore I'v already converted the said file to Avi-Xvid any tearing issue gone!

>>where is EVR Sync... property?? or are saying about the ATI's CCC property??

>>>opps I found Улыбающийся

as I'm not a clever player user too

Since 3 years,I used to PotPlayer and now I'v shifted from PotPlayer to LightAlloy and having a little bit
confusing,so I'll be recognise in near future!
But now seems "Light" is ok+

« Последнее редактирование: 19 Ноябрь 2013, 21:31:44 от albani » Записан

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« Ответ #4 : 17 Март 2017, 12:06:18 »

To albani:
Try to switch to EVR Sync in Preferences->Video, may be it will help you.
That is of no help in spite of what the popup states. This still tears!
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