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Автор Тема: Light Alloy v4.6.7 (build 726)  (Прочитано 2346 раз)
 VortexАвтор темы
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Vortex Team

« : 14 Сентябрь 2012, 21:50:31 »

 [ + ] Polish language by Adam Malich.
 [ + ] Limited, experimental support for ISO (required installed LAV Filters).
 [ + ] Preferences->Events: *Enable skipping opening/endings*. With it you can mark on timeline opening/endings that player should just skip. To use it, just enable this option, open some media file, hold right mouse button when mouse cursor is over timeline, and move it to desired position so you can highlight a spots on timeline which player will not play. In Preferences->Keyboard, *Seek* section, also added hotkey commands according to this feature.
 [ + ] Preferences->Keyboard: Seek section: new commands - Subtitle Forward / Backward. Works well only for external subtitles. If built-in within container (mkv, mp4, ...) - works only to forward direction.
 [ + ] Preferences->Keyboard: Playlist section: new command - *Show / Hide search field". With arrow keys (left/right) you can navigate within search results. With Esc key - you can get rid of focus from search field.
 [ + ] Preferences->Keyboard: *subtitles* section: new commands - Subtitle font increase / Subtitle font decrease
 [ + ] Preferences->Sound: added WASAPI Audio Renderer support to output devices list.
 [ + ] Preferences->Mouse: added new option - *Swap left and right mouse buttons for the video/audio/subtitle options buttons*; plus - ability to seek by mouse for default left button mouse action (Pause + Move Window + Seek) just like on iPad/iPhone - hold left mouse button in fullscreen, and move it to right or left.
 [ + ] Preferences->Mouse: Added ability to seek for default left button mouse action by dragging mouse cursor from right -> left (seek forward) and left -> right (seek backward). Works in fullscreen mode only.
 [ + ] Preferences->System: option *Show CPU Usage*.
 [ + ] Preferences->Global keys:
        a) Ability to assign media keys to desired command.
        b) 4 new commands added.
        c) 'Clear' button.
        d) Changes applied immediatelly, without Light Alloy restart.
 [ + ] Preferences->Codecs: option *Disable internal subtitles*.
 [ + ] Scheduler: 'Switch to sleep mode' option.
 [ + ] Subtitle options:
       a) added ability to set more charsets.
       b) support for ass/ssa
       c) *Default* button now corrently reset subtitles styles to defaults for loaded movie. Previously, only layout settings in subtitle options window were resetted to defaults, but subtitle styles in current movie still were changed.
 [ + ] Subtitle explorer enhancements:
       a) unicode support.
       b) form resize support.
       c) support for multiline subtitles to grid.
       d) support for subtitles timing change.
       e) some other enhancements.
 [ + ] Popup menu on timeline: options for seeking by key frame.
 [ + ] Updates to Filter Tree dialog.
 [ + ] Updates to external playlist.
 [ + ] Significant improvements to operations (like moving, scrolling, clicking, and so on) responsibility of internal and external playlists with >= 20.000 files within.
 [ = ] Next/Prev chapter: automatically switch you to next/prev file when you call this command on first/last chapter.
 [ = ] Automatically switch to external subtitles, in case of VMR 7/9 WL and EVR renderers, if 'subtitle language by default' option didn't found any matches.
 [ = ] Video/subtitle option dialogs can now be displayed without loading video.
 [ = ] Cosmetics in preferences menu.
 [ = ] Changed some default keyboard keys.
 [ - ] Fixed a few issues with multimedia keys on keyboard.
 [ - ] Fixed player hang when trying to load some VC-1 videos with multiple audio streams in M2TS/TS container.
 [ - ] When some options were used, didn't worked MKV/BD/DVD chapter parser.
 [ - ] Fixes to unicode support in some parts of Light Alloy.
 [ - ] Some fixes to *Playlist->Save Report* function.
 [ - ] Player control from external programs was broken (for ex., IRLink3 or WinLIRC).
 [ - ] Fixed a few issues with media history, also added unicode support for it.
 [ - ] *Seek to last playing position* didn't worked for some DVDs.
 [ - ] When you delete file from playlist end --- Light Alloy did scrolling to playlist beginning.
 [ - ] Not all subtitles with unicode filename was loaded fine.
 [ - ] Hints were flicker sometimes.
 [ - ] Popup menu->Video: 'Seek to last position' hotkey didn't worked for DVD.
 [ - ] Live Preview: crash with audio files.
 [ - ] Live Preview: when two monitors connected, preview window always appear on first monitor.
 [ - ] Crash, if Light Alloy was minimized to tray, and user decided to reload/turnoff the computer.
 [ - ] LA didn't restored properly maximized when it was minimized to tray, if you press Global Keys Ctrl+Alt+Home (maximize).

Video Engine:
 [ + ] Decoding support for DVCPRO 50, Apple DVCPRO HD 1080i60, RealAudio Lossless, MSS2, WMA Voice, Canopus CLLC.
 [ + ] Support for RealAudio 14.4.
 [ + ] DXVA decoder now respect CROP value from splitter.
 [ + ] Audio Decoder: ability to set speaker configuration.
 [ + ] Better compatibility with external DirectVobSub filter (eg. xy-vsfilter)
 [ + ] Handle external filter friendly name better.
 [ + ] AVI Splitter: properties dialog.
 [ = ] Do not drop subtitle from parser queue if syntax error has been found, just ignore a bad line.
 [ = ] Updated: codecs, mediainfo module.
 [ = ] Ignore subtitle renderer for Live Preview.
 [ = ] Corrections to DXVA detection mechanism.
 [ - ] MadVR: OSD didn't disappear when it have to be.
 [ - ] MadVR: Sometimes subtitles were displayed in wrong position.
 [ - ] Subtitles charset was ignored.
 [ - ] Battery indicator didn't disappear when it have to be.
 [ - ] When you change subtitles in external application, Light Alloy didn't reload them properly.
 [ - ] Fixed memory leak when displaying OSD.
 [ - ] Fixed a few issues caused DVD playback hang.
 [ - ] Live Preview: fixed timestamp being transparent if black font color is selected.
 [ - ] If you try to save screenshot when movie on pause - movie skipped one frame forward.
 [ - ] If subtitle file was contain syntax error, Light Alloy was unable to continue video file playback.
 [ - ] Fixed crash when player was unable to detect that subtitles didn't loaded well.

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